Scan of laser cut button-up shirt with sublimation print.

This project prioritises a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach. To achieve this, sourcing materials from second-hand garments, and deadstock fabrics was needed. In the case of creating some of the knitwear pieces, using natural fibers such as Tencel blended with cotton was considered, serving the use of polyester fibers solely for the sublimation printed creations. In this case, rethinking the printing technique comes to mind, switching to only natural fibers and second-hand garments. Where previously used sublimation transfer print will be replaced by new invested techniques such as screen print, natural dyes, and reactive dye. In this way, the focus will mainly shift to second-hand garments, and knitting in a zero-waste manner.  
Researching new silhouettes and forms, different layerings and suggestions for the upcoming collection.
Photography: Liesl De Ridder
Models: Margot Leverrier, Uma Zaman, Maya Findlay, Fay Oberdorf

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