Scan of laser cut button-up shirt with sublimation print.

Motion Echoes is a womenswear collection that explores the transience of a garment. The project began with a profound interest in the float stitch in knitted textiles translated into cuts representing floats in readymade garments. It investigates the potential of dynamic textures in post-consumer waste garments through the utilisation of laser cutting and knitting.

By repurposing second-hand garments I searched for archetypical menswear and used these known features and characteristics in the design process. The approach respects the garment’s identity while elevating the discarded material to a new, luxurious aesthetic. However, through the application of techniques, the form or texture of the garment undergoes a complete metamorphosis, resulting in a strikingly new visual appearance.

The underlying belief driving this approach is that embracing this simultaneous exploration of a harmonious interplay between floats, garment and body will unlock new expressions and shapes in the realm of dress.

Silverware in collaboration with artist Marcus Sandberg.

Big thanks to Biståndscenter Borås, Björkåfrihet sorting facility Göteborg and Erikshjälpen Borås for providing the collection with discarded materials!
Photography: Liesl De Ridder
Models: Maya Findlay & Susanna Suojanen

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