Fashion is widely recognized as one of the most environmentally harmful industries. Despite increasing awareness of sustainability and slow fashion, people still desire variety and innovation. With a significant amount of clothing waste being generated by consumers, there is an immense opportunity to repurpose discarded garments by embracing creative methodologies that inspire imaginative thinking and drive the development of innovative solutions.

This design practice seeks to explore the potential within floats present in knitted textiles, ready-made garments, and deadstock fabrics. By delving into techniques such as knitting, laser-cutting, and the fusion of draping techniques with the aesthetics of archetype garments through printing and knitting, new possibilities within floats are discovered. This project introduces a fresh approach to upcycling or dismantling, thereby maximizing their potential for reuse.
Photography: Liesl De Ridder
Model: May Nillesen
Draping process

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